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  • PNA Seminars (January - June 2010)
  • Revised OR-DR Forms for In-Coming Levels I and II Nursing Students of Academic Year 2008-2009 & Onwards (NEW)
  • Medical Terms of Motion (NEW)
  • Therapeutic Diets (NEW)
  • Normal Range for Common Laboratory Tests (NEW)
  • Signs of Illness and Injury (NEW)
  • Laws Affecting the Practice of Nursing in the Philippines (NEW)
  • Antidotes to Common Medications
  • APGAR Scoring
  • Blood Transfusion Reactions
  • Assessment Findings in Dehydration
  • Erikson's Developmental Stages
  • Geriatrics Pharmacokinetics
  • Pediatric Developmental Milestones
  • Burns: Rule of Nines
  • Hotels/Inns Near Pearson Vue Makati
  • Map and Directions in Going to Pearson Vue Makati

  • Practise Questions for Psychiatric Nursing
  • Review Notes in Pharmacology
  • Review Notes in Psychiatric Nursing
  • Review Notes in Pediatric Nursing
  • Review Notes in Infection Control
  • Review Notes in Med-Surg: Aortic Aneurysms
  • Review Notes in Med-Surg: Arterial Blood Gases
  • List of Nurse Licensure Compact States
  • List of U.S. State Boards of Nursing
  • List of Canadian Nursing Regulatory Bodies
  • List of Australian Nurse Regulatory Authorities
  • Coverage / Scope of the Nurse Licensure Examination
  • IMCI Handbook
  • Filipino Nurse Code of Ethics
  • Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 (R.A. 9173)
  • Philippine Nursing Act of 1991 (R.A. 7164)
  • The Nightingale Pledge
  • NurseCalc® (Smartphone)
  • NurseCalc® (Pocket PC)
  • NCLEX Candidate Bulletin (2009)
  • NCLEX-RN Test Plan
  • NCLEX-RN Test Plan (Detailed Candiate Version)
  • The Eight Steps of the NCLEX Examination Process
  • Official NCLEX-RN Tutorial
  • IELTS Official Handbook
  • IELTS Notice to Candiates/Examinees
  • IELTS Information for Candidates/Examinees